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Display Your Art Elegantly

Quality mat boards at a fair price—so artists and photographers make more money. Play around in our custom mat sandbox below to find the mat board for you.

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  1. rating
    Carefully packed
    This is exactly what I was looking for. Reasonable pricing and shipping! Best of all, I am able to custom size the opening in the same color so all my mats can match!
  2. rating
    Excellent product!
    I couldn't find precut mat boards in the size I wanted, so took a chance on Mat Board Center. So glad I did! The mats were custom cut perfectly to size, are of archival quality, exceptionally well packaged and came quickly... and for about the same price as the precut mats. Could not be more pleased!
  3. rating
    Just what I needed
    This was my first order with Mat Board Center and it more than lived up to my expectations. Mats were perfectly cut and accurately match with the foam backing boards. Delivery was very quick and the product was very well packaged to protect it from damage. Definitely recommend and will order from again.
  4. rating
    Fast service, good product
    Very fast service and perfectly adequate product. I ordered their budget line and it was quite good for the price. N ice work. keep it up!
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